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Total Lift Bed TM



The Total Lift Bed (TLB) tilts a patient from 0° to 82° fully upright position, and any degree in-between. The Total Lift Bed features a patented weight bearing control system: one scale located in the sleep deck and one located in the patented Foot Lifter™ footboard.


As the bed tilts, a digital screen displays the weight bearing ratio, allowing caregivers to control and gradually increase weight bearing capabilities for accelerated early mobility, improved ambulation and ultimately, optimized patient outcomes. Benefits of TLB in early mobility include tilt and weight bear, ability to receive baseline data and set goals based on data and review benchmarks, less risk of staff injuries, and reduced chance of patient falls.


New software allows TLB to go to CPR position from any position (including tilt). Head sections now foes down first in all positions. There is a new maintenance override feature that allows the bed to be lowered in case of failure. New full side rails with no center gap, gas shock lowering, seamless design, and more ergonomic hand holds. Casters are central locking and directional lock for straight line steering. Headboard features a new seamless design with more ergonomic support.


Deck Height Low: 18.25 inches

Deck Height High: 29.75 inches

Overall Length: 83.5 inches (expands to 90.5 inches)

Overall Width: 40.5 inches

Sleep Deck: 35.5 x 79.3 inches

Weight Capacity: 425 lbs

Tilt Adjustment: 0° to 82°


Available upon request: sales@vitalgosys.com



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