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The SYSTEM70 can process medical waste, including sharps, clinical waste bags, and labware. It is designed especially for easy, plug-n-play installation within existing soiled linen or biohazardous waste storage rooms. With an automatic cycle of 20 minutes, the SteriMed is one of the fastest medical waste processors in the industry.


The SYSTEM70 incorporates non-incineration, CleanAir chemical disinfection technology. It has been validated as a STAATT Level III compliant treatment technology. The SYSTEM70 uses an EPA-registered disinfectant, SteriCid, for safe and effective on-site waste treatment. The SYSTEM70 incorporates an integrated active de-watering separator unit that automatically removes the free liquids in the treated, shredded waste, prior to disposal into the waste receptacle.


The SYSTEM70 accepts all forms of medical waste, except radiological and non-trace pharmaceutical, which is generated at a variety of healthcare facilities, such as: Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Dialysis Centers, Clinics and Urgent Care Facilities, Laboratories, Blood Banks, Waste Processing Centers, and Plasma Centers, etc.


With just the touch of a button, the SYSTEM70 converts clinical and medical waste into environmentally friendly solid waste, without steam, high temperature incineration, or off-site transportation. Operators are trained in just minutes to operate the system. All regulatory reporting is provided to your facility by e-mail, hard copy print-outs, or via connection of your SYSTEM70 to a local computer.



Efficacy: Exceeds STAATT Level III

Approved Disinfectant: SteriCid

Cycle Time: 20 minutes

Certifications & Compliance: CE Mark

Height: 155 cm (60 in)

Width: 183 cm (72 in)

Depth: 70 cm (27 in)

Weight: 750 kg (1,650 lbs)

Min. Room Size: 7.5 m2 (8 x 10 ft)

Installation: Supplied as mobile unit on casters

Sound: 70.1 dBA max.

Water Consumption: 35 liters (9.2 gallons) per cycle per treatment; 70 liters (18.5 gallons) per cycle for auto-cleaning; 105 liters (27.7 gallons) total per cycle

Electrical Consumption: 0.22 kWh per cycle

SteriCid Disinfectant Consumption: 175 ml (5.9 oz. ) per cycle

Clinical & Medical Waste Bag Capacity: 3-4 gallons

Recommended Waste Bag: 25 to 30 gallons

Electrical Service: 480 VAC 3 phase North American; 400 VAC 3 phase Europe

Inlet Water/Drain: 3/4 in domestic cold water supply at 75 psi min., 100 psi max.; floor sink or floor drain connection to min. 4 in pipe diameter



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tel.:  (800) STERIMED

tel.:  (800) 783-7463