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EZS-10/R is similar to its its sister product EZS-10 except that it does not come with an integrated vacuum liner. The  reusable device enables the quick fixation and safe transport of an injured child.  It has applications for use by standard ambulance service and by aerial and mountain rescue services.


EZS-10 features an adjustable five-point fixation system, removable strip liner, and a stretcher frame fastening system. The whole system is uniquely designed as a sliding pelvic harness to allow for rigid and secure body fixation (maximum weight of 22 kg and height of 130 cm). Fixation by the strip liner combined with buckled safety straps ensure the safe and comfortable transportation of the patient directly to the place of medical treatment. Laterally placed handles ensure easy transport by providers.


This product is registered in the Register of Designs.


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Maximum patient weight: 22 kg

Maximum patient height: 130 cm


Dimensions: 110 x 57 cm

Weight: 2.9 kg

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