Product Description



EZ 16 can be handled by one or two persons, and inflated in approximately 30 seconds. The structure is designed with a separable flooring system, and functions as a single chamber unit with 16 m2 of usable space.


The tent is designed for use by civil sector provides, such as health rescue service, police, and fire brigades, among others. The system provides sufficient shelter and space for the medical treatment of injured persons. Structural stability is guaranteed by the pressurized tube construction and without the use of metal or plastic components.


All materials are waterproof, fire-resistant, and fungicidal, and fulfill quality and performance standards of NATO STANAG 2996 and ISO 9001.


Available upon request




Purchase Includes: Urgent use tent EZ-16; hammer; anchoring pegs; repair kit; and waterproof transportation bag.


Material Composition: Tent composed of rubberized polyamide textile, and flooring is coated with plastic; windows composed of a mosquito net, PVC foil, and coating; roofing material of acrylate.


Outside Dimensions: 3,850 x 3,850 x 2,850 mm

Inside Dimensions: 3,390 x 3,390 x 2,620 mm

Folded and Packed: 1,200 x 800 x 350 mm


Weight: 55 kg


Inflation time: approximately 30 seconds


Pressure: 0.29 bar


Color Options: Red, orange, green, blue, yellow, white


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