Product Description



ESN-10 is a transport skeletal stretcher used for the safe transport of injured persons.


The stretcher can be pulled along any surface area, such as stairs, pavement, metal, stones, etc., without posing any discomfort to the patient. It comes equipped with a cord and cable drum which can be used to rescue persons from inaccessible or narrow places.


There is an option to add a hanging rope for transport by helicopter, a vacuum fixation mattress for perfect body fixation, or a floating system for rescue of a drowning person.


Optional accessories: Special cord for lifting a stretcher from narrow places; hanging system under helicopter; floating system (2 pieces of inflation floats, 1 piece of inflation cushion and 1 piece of weight for stabilization); vacuum fixation mattress including accessories (vacuum pump with pedal, transport bag); transport bag for basic set and all above standard accessories (excluding vacuum fixation mattress and its accessories).


Available upon request


Purchase Includes: Skeletal stretcher; fixation belts with buckles; 2 handles on each lateral side; and cord with PUR handle for pulling stretcher on rough surface.


Material composition: Skeletal stretcher made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).


Dimensions folded: 240 x 93 cm

Dimensions packed: 30 x 20.5 x 93 cm

Total weight including transport bag (excluding vacuum fixation mattress and its accessories): 11.5 kg




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