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Isolation Tent ES-56 LDK/C


Product Description



ES-56 LDK/C offers decontamination and hygiene cleaning of persons in field conditions who have been in contact with dangerous chemicals, biological or other dangerous substances.


This  system is mainly used by civil sector forces when all necessary actions can be out in only one tent. The tent is of inflatable tube construction which enables a rapid assembly through a compressor or pressurized air bottles.


The tent interior is divided into 2 identical corridors (for men and women). Each corridor is divided into 3 sections – undressing section, decontamination and cleaning section, and dressing section. There is a catch tank for contaminated solutions in the decontamination and rinsing parts.


Basic characteristics:

  • Transit capacity 40 persons per hour
  • Double chamber tube system
  • 2 inflation/discharge valves
  • 2 safety pressures valves
  • Anchoring system through ropes and floor boards
  • Warm water supplied by diesel heater
  • Contaminated water suction by electric pump
  • Decontamination solution is applied by 5 nozzles and 1 hand nozzle for inaccessible areas, 2 shower heads and a hand shower for rinsing in each corridor
  • Flow capacity: 0,8 – 1,1 l/min depending on the pressure (each nozzle)


Available upon request




Purchase Includes: Decontamination tent ES-56-EXBT; hammer; anchoring pegs; repair kit; and waterproof transportation bag.


Outside Dimensions: 10,000 x 6,000 x 3 000 mm

Inside Dimensions:10,000 x 5,540 x 2 700 mm

Folded and Packed: 1,500 x 1,000 x 850 mm


Weight: 230 kg


Inflation time: 6 min (including inside tank inflation)


Usable Workspace: 50 m2

Undressing Area: 15 m2

Dressing Area: 15 m2

Decontamination and Cleaning Area: 20 m2


tel.:  (800) STERIMED

tel.:  (800) 783-7463