Product Description



ES-12 is a vacuum leg splint with foot support designed for the gentle fixation of injured persons. The device operates by extracting air from the splint itself to enable the thousands of polystyrene balls inside the splint to mold around the injured body part similar to an orthopedic cast.


Use of the vacuum splint is the fastest and most comfortable method of immobilizing and transporting injured persons. The device is primarily used by paramedics in emergency situations to immobilize trauma-related injuries, joint dislocation, subluxation, and extremity fractures.


Advantages of the vacuum splint include quick and easy application, the ability to conform to any shape, and the ability to provide support while relieving pressure at the injury site and also ensuring proper circulation. The material provides excellent thermal insulation, and allows the limb to be X-rayed within the splint on. The splint is easily washable and can be used many times. All materials used are of high quality and coated with a plastic layer to guarantee long product lifespan even with heavy use.


The product is certified by TŰV and NATO.


Purchase Includes: Vacuum leg splint ES-12; vacuum hand pump; and repair kit.


Dimensions: 90 x 54 cm

Weight: 1,100 g


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