Product Description



EPP-10 is a Category III, type 3B, 4, 5, and 6 protective suit that ensures user safety against biological, chemical, and radioactive substances. It can be by both civilian and military forces.


The suit comes equipped with a filter-ventilation unit (FVU), placed on the user comfort belt (posterior). The FVU equipped with replaceable filters sized for handhold solids and aerosols deliver clean air (120 dm3/min) and protect against over-pressurization. When fully charged the battery warrants a minimum operating time of 4 hours.  An integrated safety feature warns against low levels through visual and acoustic signaling.


The suit features an integrated system of interchangeable gloves, double elastic sleeves, sewn and overlapped seams, and double zipper with an overlapping flap. Combined with the one-way exhalation valve on the protective hood, the EPP-10 unit provides optimal protection against dust, solid particles, aerosols, liquid organic chemicals, concentrated inorganic matter, biohazards, radioactive substances, and military warfare agents, and various other negatively impactful substances.


EPP-10 fulfills EN 14605, EN-14126 and EN-10732 standards of PPE Directive 89/686/EEC.


Available upon request




Purchase Includes: Protective suit; protective hood EOK-10/P; FVU Proflow 2SC; combined filter (2 pieces); protective latex gloves (2 pairs); chemical protective boots; bio-waste bags (2 pieces); tighten tape (3 pieces); transport pack for set.


Medium through XXX-Large sizes are available.



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