Product Description



EOK-10 works on the overpressure principle to ensure the perfect protection of airways. It comes equipped with a choice of filter-ventilation unit (FVU): either Proflow 2SC, which supplies 120 dm3/minute of fresh air, or Clean Air, which supplies 160 dm3/minute of fresh air. The ventilation system is used with single use filters (P3 filters or a combination of A2/B2/E2/K2/P3). The hood has a large eye piece to ensure visibility.


The hood can be safely used again after decontaminated by means of any appropriately deemed detergent.


Available upon request




Purchase Includes: Protective hood EOK-10 with eyepiece; and choice of FVU (either Proflow 2SC or Clean Air).


Material Composition: Overall material from double-sided rubber fabric coated by butyl-rubber; eyepiece of polycarbonate (2 mm thickness); sewn seams sealed with strips from basic material.


Weight of Protective Hood EOK-10: Approximately 1,100 g

Weight of Proflow 2SC: 1,650 g (with 2 P3 filters)

Weight of Clean Air: 385 g (with 1 P3 filter)


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