Product Description



EOBO-10/B is a protective suit intended for single use. It offers category III type 3B (resistance to liquids under pressure and protection against biological agents) personal protection against hazardous substances from chemical and biological origin, provided the use of chemical toxicity levels and exposure conditions is limited.


The set includes accessories necessary for bodily protection, including a respirator mask, goggles, coveralls, gloves, boots, and bags for storing pieces of contaminated fabrics and other materials. It can be by both civilian and military forces.


Available upon request




Purchase Includes: Protective suit EOBO-10/B; respirator FFP3; goggles ; protective clothing, type 3B - coveralls; latex gloves (2 pairs);  nitrile gloves (1 pair); green boots; tape; bag HCW (2 pieces); scissors; and transport bag for set.


Caution: Protective clothing, filters, gloves, belts and bags for organic waste are designed for limited use / single use (depending on risk exposure).


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