Product Description



EM-10/7 is a multi-chamber vacuum fixation mattress designed for whole body fixation, and is especially useful in the spinal and pelvic regions.


Advantages of the vacuum mattress include quick and easy application, perfect adaptation to all anatomical proportions (below maximum weight of 120 kg), and the ability to provide support while relieving pressure at the injury site and also ensuring proper circulation. Moreover, the material provides excellent thermal insulation, and allows the injured patient to be X-rayed with the mattress still fixed on.


The unit is easily washable and can be used many times. All materials used are of high quality and coated with a plastic layer to guarantee long product lifespan even with heavy use. EM-10 fulfills EN 1865-1 of PPE Directive 89/686/EEC.


Compatible mattress covers are also available separately.


Purchase Includes: Vacuum fixation mattress EM-10/4; vacuum hand pump; and repair kit.


Maximum patient weight: 120 kg


Dimensions: 200 x 85 cm

Weight: 7.1 kg


Available upon request




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