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Purchase Includes: Decontamination Shower EDK-04; Decontbox water machine (includes two 120 liter barrels with covers); rubber matting; electric compressor Kompresor ESK 200. The shower is equipped with a hand brush for rough cleaning and a pair of built-in gloves for manipulation of an object from the outside.


Outside Dimensions: 2,000 x 2,000 x 2,400 mm

Inside Dimensions: 1,600 x 1,540 x 2,170 mm

Dimensions Folded and Packed: 900 x 90 x 400 mm

Weight: 30 kg


Dimensions of Decontbox: 570 x 405 x 610 mm

Weight of Decontbox: 29 kg


Dimensions of Electrical Compressor: 200 x 170 x 200 mm

Weight of Electrical Compressor: 7.8 kg


Inflation time: 60 seconds


Power: 0,95 kW

Air flow: 23 l/s

Max. overpressure: 25 kPa




Decontamination Shower EDK-04 is designed for use in field conditions when preliminary cleaning and decontamination of staff and equipment must be secured. The shower is designed primarily for decontamination of immobile patients on stretchers but also can be used for other large items.


Decontbox, a mobile system, ensures the function of the water system as a whole, including the decontaminate solution cycle and clean water cycle. It includes two membrane pumps, two 120 liter capacity barrels (with cover), and matting. Along the interior wall of the cabin is a shower consisting of five nozzles and a flexible hand shower (2.5 m) (each has a flow rate of 0.8 to 1.1 liters per minute).


The unit is of a quality inflation tubular construction, consisting of a floor and shower cabin; the floor is used as a catch tank for waste water. The single-chamber tube construction is equipped with an inflation/discharge valve and a safety valve to protect from over inflation). The accompanying compressor (Kompresor ESK 200) or pressurized air bottles are used to inflate the structure. The unit's anchoring system of ropes and floor boards ensures stability of the structure.


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