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Material composition: Circle and nozzles of stainless steel.


Diameter: 100 cm

Weight: 3.6 kg

Number of nozzles: 8

Pressure: 2 - 6 bar

Flow capacity: 2.7 l per minute per nozzle


Serviceability time: 2 minutes


EDEK-10 is a lightweight, mobile, and easily operable decontamination system designed for use in field conditions. The device has a large diameter of 100 cm and its internal perimeter is lined with eight nozzles. One person is meant to handle the device while


The internal perimeter of the device is lined with eight nozzles that spray a decontaminate solution to disinfect  . The cleaning solution is fed into the handle of EDEK-10 through an attached spherical valve.


The decontamination circle is foldable for easy transport.

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