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Bio Box EBXT-06 for Patient Isolation


Product Description




Biobox EBXT-06 is an isolation pressure chamber designed for the isolation and hospitalization of individuals presenting with highly dangerous infection(s). The inflatable tubular construction functions to protect the surrounding area and individuals from contamination.


Patients are isolated in the main chamber after passing through both a Decontamination Module and Transition Chamber. The Decontamination Module has two independent water cycles: the first introduces a decontaminate solution and the second is a clean water wash by a hand shower. Application is realized by the use of a Decontbox which includes five jets and a hand shower (each has a flow rate of 0.461 per minute @ 1bar), two membrane pumps, two 120 liter capacity barrels (with cover), and matting. Moreover, the Decontamination Module must be passed through upon entry and exit from the Biobox, thereby ensuring the safety of all staff providers and equipment.


The Biological Filtration System FA 300 HS, a filter-ventilation unit (FVU), attaches to the insulating chamber to prevent the spread of disease. This is achieved as contaminated air is drawn out and passed through a HEPA filter, capturing airborne organisms, and subsequently exposed to ultraviolet radiation, killing airborne particles. The system ensures complete air exchange in the isolation chamber every two minutes. The double roof ensures balanced air distribution inside the chamber.


Biobox is erected and serviceable within 15 minutes after initializing the electric inflation/deflation machine, Kompresor ESK 200. The hermetic chamber can easily be anchored to allow for use in both inside and outside environments. Through the use of the entrance port, it is possible to connect medical devices (such as infusion and respiratory devices, etc.) outwardly to protect them from contamination.


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Purchase Includes: Bio Box EBXT-06; Decontamination Module EDB-03 (with matting); transit chamber; biological filtration system FA 300 HS; Decontbox water machine (includes two 120 liter barrels with covers); and Kompresor ESK 200 (electric inflatable machine).


Weight of Biobox EBXT-06: 75 kg Dimensions of Biobox EBXT-06: 3.65 x 2.5 x 2.45 m


Weight of Decontbox: 29 kg

Dimensions of Decontbox: 1.7 x 1.7 x 2.45 m


Weight of Whole System: 93 kg

Dimensions of Whole System: 5.35 x 2.5 x 2.45 m


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