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EBV-30/40 is designed for patient transport from contaminated areas. The technology uses high-frequency welding with a hermetic zip to prevent transmission of infection. The bio-bag can also be used for the transportation of patients with hypo-immunity in order to protect them from an "impure" environment.


This unique device has two basic operation modes: (1) vacuum and (2) overpressure. In vacuum mode, air is filtered from the Biovak and expelled into the environment to prevent the spread of contamination into the environment. In overpressure mode, air is filtered from the environment and pulled into the Biovak to prevent the patient from environmental hazards.


EBV-30/40 comes equipped with a filter-ventilation unit (FVU) that works on the positive pressure principle to provide filtered air and create space around the patient. Filters placed on the inlet and outlet ensure air quality. When fully charged an operating time of 5 hours is guaranteed. An integrated safety feature warns against low levels through visual and acoustic signaling.


Advantages include a separable vacuum fixation mattress with adjustable belt straps for patient stability and comfort during transport, transparent materials to maintain visual control of the patient, facility for patient intubation, ports for infusion, monitors or respiratory connection, integrated gloves for basic medical treatment, easy filter replacement, and the opportunity for reuse after wash by common detergents.


The product conforms to NATO norms (STANAG 2040 MED). It can be used by both civilian and military forces.


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Purchase Includes: Biovak EBV-30/40 with separable vacuum fixation body mattress; and Proflow 2SC.


Dimensions unfolded: 203 x 64 x 44.5 cm

Dimensions folded: 98 x 22 x 60 cm

Weight without accessories: 11 kg

Weight with accessories: 14 kg


Minimum volume flow: 150 dm³ / min

Recommended temperature: +10 - +40 ° C


Battery life: approx 500 charging cycles

Hours of operation: up to 5 hours


ČSN EN 12942:1998 (TM3PSL)


tel.:  (800) STERIMED

tel.:  (800) 783-7463