Product Description



EBO-10 is a ventilated suit that provides the highest level of 1c-B protection against dangerous biological contagion and chemical toxins. It can be used by civil and military forces.


The suit comes equipped with a filter-ventilation unit (FVU), Proflow, which can be placed within the suit's interior to permit use in unfavorable weather conditions. The FVU equipped with replaceable filters sized for handhold solids and aerosols deliver clean air (120 dm3 per minute) and protect against over-pressurization. When fully charged the battery warrants a minimum operating time of 8 hours.


The product is certified by the Occupational Safety Research Institute in Prague and fulfills standards EN 14126:2004 and EN 943-1:2003.


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Material composition: Protective suit from double-sided rubber fabric coated by butyl-rubber; eye piece from polymethylmetakrylat; gumboots are a mixture of PVC and nitrate rubber with slip-resistant treatment; rubber gloves (green) from nitril rubber; rubber gloves (black) from butyl rubber; drawer gloves of integrated knitting ba/POP; exterior seams of an elastomeric mixture, Velcro, and nomex stitching; underwear is made of polypropylene (double-sided); and head cross is of polyethylene.


Sizes Available: No. 1 (max height: 176 cm, chest: 106 cm, waist: 96 cm); No. 2 (height: 176 - 200 cm,  chest: 112 cm, waist: 106 cm).


NSN: 160057688


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