Product Description



The BIG device provides caregivers with rapid, safe, and easy IO access through the bone marrow. Connection to standard infusion equipment is made simple for the administration of fluids and medications. BIG devices are also suitable for blood transfusions.


Devices can be used for elective and emergency procedures, for child and adult patients, as infusion can be established within seconds. BIG devices avoid direct contact with the patient's blood, promising extra safe use.


Gauge: 15G

Housing: Polycarbonate

Trocar Needle: Inner Needle and Outer Cannula

Cannula Length: 43.3 mm

Piston: Cr. 303

Weight: 3.5 oz. (99.0 g)

Color: Blue (Adult)

Penetration Depth: Adjustable 0.5 - 2.5cm

Sterilization Method: Gamma Irradiation

Packaging: Individual Peel Pack Blister Packs

Certifications: FDA 510K No. K981853; and CE Mark 0473



$69.00 USD each




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